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Friedrich Nietzsche:

The word Dionysian expresses an urge for unity, a reaching beyond the person, the everyday, society, reality, beyond the abyss of passing away: a passionate and painful swelling over into more obscure, more full, more lingering states; an enraptured yes-saying to the overall character of life as that which is the same, of the same power, of the same bliss in the midst of all change; the grand pantheistic shared joyfulness and compassion that approves and sanctifies even the most frightful and questionable aspects of life; the eternal will to creation, to fruitfulness, to return; the feeling of unity in the necessity of creating and destroying.

The word Apollonian expresses the urge for complete being-for-oneself, for the typical ’individual’, for everything that simplifies, sets in relief, makes things strong, clear, unambiguous and typical: freedom under the law.