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Above: The official logo of The American Psychological Association transformed by an unknown street artist.

This post is inspired by an article in The New York Times about, in my eyes, a really scary report. To quote NY Times:

The American Psychological Association secretly collaborated with the administration of President George W. Bush to bolster a legal and ethical justification for the torture of prisoners swept up in the post-Sept. 11 war on terror, according to a new report by a group of dissident health professionals and human rights activists.

Below is a fiction/art thing by me that has taken many thing from the report (if you want the straight report, click the link above) but it is only to be read/seen as fiction/art/entertainment. If anyone has a problem with this, just contact me.


Psychologists should encourage and engage in further research to evaluate and enhance the efficacy and effectiveness of the application of psychological science to issues, concerns and operations relevant to national security.

One focus of a broad program of research is to examine the efficacy and effectiveness of information gathering techniques, with an emphasis on the quality of information obtained. In addition, psychologists should examine the psychological effects of conducting interrogations on the interrogators themselves to explore ways of helping to ensure that the process of gathering information is likely to remain within ethical boundaries. Also valuable will be research on cultural differences in the psychological impact of particular information gathering methods and what constitutes cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment.

(American Psychological Association, 2005b, p. 8) (emphasis added)25

Seminar Five (more info needed here.(note))

Photos included in the Seminar Five folders. These animal tests were done to prove several theories about how to, in the easiest way, get information from a human being. Dr. A. Kessler were asked in an e-mail (that exist in the full journal) if animal testing really were necessary when the question was to get information about how we as humans work and interact with each other. The answer led: ”We can’t put tubes in humans right? Well, then.”

Important: About 1000 animal tests were made only as a cover-up. The tests had no meaning, they were used as a kind of propaganda. The conclusion is that with these tests made about how we interact (on animals) could justify further interrogation of prisoners. This is made possible when critics hear that no, there were no torture, the only ones who suffered were animals, and by that we didn’t need to hurt one human being to get the information they tried to hide..

/ In truth about 750 animals died and the torture of prisoners continued.



Seminar 5 where held secretly. This written report by Dr. A. Kessler shows the urgency of it all. The report looks like notes taken very fast:

”three thousand chickens executed . enormous heat springs from your hand. a hot spot on earth . uncovered . bony legs . they say that she has cancer. they told them that she was dangerous. silence the sounds for only yourself . loops continues inside out. he and he loves. behind the city walls lies the empty room. love with you always when the picture is taken up by the second image is extracted an eternity. and you are in the picture. I could see that you were not interested enough to stop right there . and now that you’ve gone out – I stay in the loops – which is day and night – all in retakes . she offers chicken. I eat with great appetite. when she speaks I spit out parts of a wing on her. I get the picture of animated pornography. wing members running down his cheek and over the lip and into the mouth. she moans . all the loops. she is outside. the eternal recurrence: I.”

/ The following photo only had a note made with pen: ”Close to Dubai, near the excavation site.” After that the notes by Kessler continues. Here he used the word ”Corcosa”. That is a word drawn from fiction. Why he uses it we do not know. We know from further e-mails (that will be publish in a near future) that his co-workers at the time were worried that Kessler seemed to work constantly and that few people ever saw him sleep.


It is a quiet space .
It is monotonous. Banal.
Sequence after sequence in a loop. Infantile .

An echo from the rhythms .
The objective space. Corcosa,

Black Stars of the White Sky.

The square recognizable .

’Suicide risk young adults have now increased markedly margin. We here at […] thought it was a sign parallel with the increasing narcissistic collective conscious and gave our full energy to examine its area and its nearby areas. But this patient showed that the hypothesis was wrong. In this patient (no. 300067 ) was shown patterns and behaviours that have not been previously reported. […] Refused to call in para-psychological experts on the ground that […] was […] in a state where this particular science is […]. Since […] in the green room […] escalated […] syringe to prevent […] final amputation.'”