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Förlåt mig men jag måste säga att tapeterna är blodfärgade.
Tänderna gnisslar och molnen där borta är slaktade kaskelotter.

Frihet. Något måste definieras.
Eller i alla fall släppas fram – nerver i biomassan genom matematik (en tredjedel av äktenskap i USA matchade genom dating-sajter).

Martin Heidegger:

Soon after Being and Time appeared a young friend asked me, “When are you going to write on ethics?” Where the essence of man is thought so essentially, i.e., solely from the question concerning the truth of Being, but still without elevating man to the centre of beings, a longing necessarily awakens for a peremptory directive and for rules that say how man, experienced from ek-sistence toward Being, ought to live in a fitting manner. The desire for an ethics presses ever more ardently for fulfilment as the obvious no less than the hidden perplexity of man soars to immeasurable heights. The greatest care must be fostered upon the ethical bond at a time when technological man, delivered over to mass society, can be kept reliably on call by gathering and ordering all his plans and activities in a way that corresponds to technology.

(Fet-stilat i citatet av mej.)