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Ett bi. Bin.

Var har dom varit denna sommar?

The pictures below shows an artificial insemination of a honeybee queen. Sperm that has been collected from drones is inserted into her. Artificial breeding. She is given the number 66. Things are gathered and ordered. Ordered by The Technical Man.







From Wikipedia:

Natural breeding and colony reproduction of wild bees is a complex and highly selective process, leading to a diverse genetic makeup in large populations of bees, both within and between colonies. Genetic diversity through sexual reproduction is a significant evolutionary factor in resistance to parasites and infectious diseases. Many artificially bred species, especially domestic and agricultural species, suffer from lack of genetic variation. Resulting in increased risk of hereditable diseases, loss of vitality or vigour, and heightened uniform susceptibility to infectious diseases.


Bee queen number 66 is technical and made to create something in that right amount so that the income for the man is higher than the outcome. Ordering, gathering, selling, buying. But it don’t add up and we know it. Our fingers create too much too fast.

Martin Heidegger:

The desire for an ethics presses ever more ardently for fulfilment as the obvious no less than the hidden perplexity of man soars to immeasurable heights. The greatest care must be fostered upon the ethical bond at a time when technological man, delivered over to mass society, can be kept reliably on call by gathering and ordering all his plans and activities in a way that corresponds to technology.

Too much, too fast – Space-monkeys, we are.
Them beautiful space-bees, gone to heaven. Miss you, little special ones.