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Above: The Samuel Beckett play ”Breath” done by Damien Hirst for BBC. Maybe I should call it a horror short-film. I hate going to super-malls. Watching this gives me that feeling. I see a lot of human crap and in the end I see the symbol for true evil.


Above 2: UPDATE: I don’t have the rights to show this clip here. Click here to watch it on YouTube. Sorry.

From Andrei Tarkovsky’s film ”Stalker”. Here the Stalker falls ”asleep” by a pond. A long scene shows what’s lying in the pond. Strange, worrying but so beautiful and mesmerizing.

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Above 3: This is a dream sequence from cult Australian horror film ”Razorback” made in 1984. Stalker is of course a much better film. No doubt about that. The other two clips above are far more deeper and worrying. But I like this little scene. I saw it first as a kid and this dream sequence really got to me. And some of the music is OK. This one for example.