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The lyrics appear to be skirting around the surveillance society, but equally they might be meditating on the difficulties of open discussion in an age where thought is scrutinised and policed by the public itself on social media, where any idle thought runs the risk of seeing one condemned as #problematic. (Quote from The Guardian.)

Loose talk around tables
Abandon all reason
Avoid all eye contact
Do not react
Shoot the messenger
This is a low-flying panic attack

Yes, at any time you might be condemned. Condemned as problematic, difficult or not easy to medicate. By the people, or by the police, or by your psychiatrist – you will be seen as problematic, your voice will not be heard any more and they will have the power to lock you up. Yes, really; by some words written on a computer or a phone call made – they can lock you up.

Plötsligt tänker jag på min förre läkare/psykiater. Och hur man blir problematisk om man säger sanningen.