like tentacles around the aggressive -rn collapse, almost an apocalypse of a closed system, a mechanical system that is horrified by man and begins to dream of female breimage of the woman, they swirl around her, behind her – a sublime three-dimensional image is obtained – we see the reality of life. Some excuse themselves, throwing up -to the p the frame falls from the room. The room, the painting that multiplies and gets bigger, the wd, raped, they are tied up, m a corner – we realize, we should realize – realize years covered with Penetration. … system was within a framework where previous – Now, now, it strikes through the frame, like in other pictures and frames – no stop there, no obstruction ruler or circuit. Three images of young Syrian women are incorporated inainting, they are ed a painting. Red with a hint of mechanical patte… I paintthey are filled with deep scars – a man in uniform looking down upon them from higher elevation . A picture , a photo from a pornographic magazine is cublood, theeth pulled out, with Forced t out and pasted, inserted into the canvas. She enjoys not, she enjoys through a mask – behind is a suffering, a suffering – the psychologist will find it in the corner of her eye, right side, of left eye. The meoman screaming frochanical patterns are asts, male chests; of guilt and responsibility. The system knocked out in non-bloom. Thetorture_Forced Penetration







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