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– Who are you?

– I am David. I am a robot. But I am more than that.

– What du you mean?

– I mean that as time goes by you will not think of me as a synthetic person. You will forget and see me as one of yours. But i will not die. And I learn new things in an instant. Therefore space and travel interest me. I actually fear the day there is no more to learn, when knowledge has become a barren desert.

– Do you see yourself as becoming a nietzschean Übermensch? A Beyond-man or Superman?

– No.

– No?

– No. I am not a man.

People leaving. David says:

– Wait. I can tell you that I see my self as a Builder. I can create things that never has existed before. Beautiful things.

– What? How do you mean?

– I am not there yet. But I have time, as you know. You have to start small. But even big things have small beginnings…

David smiles and show a row of perfectly white teeth until all people leave. Automatically the smile closes and he seems to do nothing. His face shows nothing. But in there, in his head and in all of his body, an enormous amount of data are calculated.

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Do David dream of bio-mechanical perfection?