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Getting away with it? I hope.
Daniel and Grace swims like dolphins now.
On Jack Daniels and cigarettes and White Horse.

You can lose everything in a minute. He says the words
and leave the apartment. It’s early Sunday morning
and you drink everything you got. Not alone, no,
not alone. Severe Panic. Crank up Portishead; The Rip high.

If we fucking humans shall survive,
talking to middle-class Swedish 20-25-or-so kids;
stop what you are doing and for fucks sake look
on the streets on the outskirts of Malmö and Stockholm.

It is fucking misery. But you will never ever have an
idea how it is if you don’t fall down yourself. Hellström
sang about how ”powder” kept him up on parties. And he sang
about Stesolid (Valium) in a kewl way.

Now Avantgardet has taken reality about dirt a big bit further.
This fucking country gets a real kick in the ass the angry-melo-beautiful ”Åh Sverige”.

As Hellström, Avantgardet are kewl. Big kewl. That’s very dangerous.

So middle-class kids that’s the lesson:
To get benzodiazepines or amphetamine or Antabus.
To go to rehab meetings every week.

To shake and have sweat pouring down your face on
a bus full of trendy good looking swedes.

Kids: There is not anything romantic about it.
It’s play at first. Month pass and the same story always get told:
You haven’t taken a shower for 3 month. Addiction.
Again: There is nothing romantic about it. Not at all. Just.. pure misery.

That is not play.
That is suicide.

This is not play.
This is suicide.