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A extremely sad song.

Nothing is enough.
New thoughts.
New place.
New boy-or-girlfriend.
New income.
New drug.
New philosophy.
New books.
New favourite band. ;)
New favourite song. ;)
New favourite soccer team.
New favourite soccer player.

New favourite nothing.
New ending of that which was new.
New starting for finding the new new.

My thought were so loud I couldn’t hear my mouth.
My thought were so loud I couldn’t hear my mouth.
My thought were so loud.

New dream of entering art.
nev dree m of eNter-ing the art by Stan art by Stanley Donwood beneathnedan and n3ver __COme backk .an th are © sail to the moon










  • jag ser in i det gröna, yta i oändlighet, viskande oändlighet, viskningarnas kropp, tungor. det gröna är tungor och ögon, reflexer och rörlighet, fuktighet, ljusgnistor – på vad sätt är jag skild från det, jag är inte skild från det, jag är till i ett öga, allt är speglingar och viskningar, ljus i en mörk spegel vandrar längre och längre in i den speglade skogen

    Birgitta Trotzig

    Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.)

    Walt Whitman

    Suppression and spinning of negative data and ghostwriting have emerged as tools to help manage medical journal publications to best suit product sales, while disease mongering and market segmentation of physicians are also used to maximize profit. We propose that while evidence-based medicine is a noble ideal, marketing-based medicine is the current reality.

    Spielmans GI, Parry PI. From Evidence-based Medicine to Marketing-based Medicine: Evidence from Internal Industry Documents. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 2010;7(1):13-29. Available online:

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