190215; WHAT X GAVE ME

inlagt av den 2019.02.15, under helt jävla sjukt, snabbinlägg

The worst thing that could happen to you? Modafinil, at high dose and at total dependence, no effect. Suicide or body breaking down by itself. You are not going to survive. The longer you take this drug and the higher dose, the more aggressive the addiction get. If you go “cold turkey” on this, you die. You kill yourself or if not, you’ll be dead in a couple of days. I’ve seen it. On the street modafinil is is super-hot. Cocaine users take it to get off the cocaine. Then they think they have the perfect drug. Maybe for a year, then you need more. It’s the worst as we say “lying drug” I’ve seen.

– Anonymous addiction treatment personnel, New York.