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vertical narrow passages
elevator shaft
ventilation shaft
shaft, an underground vertical or inclined passageway
pitch (ascent/descent)
shafting, illicit travelling through shafts
long narrow rigid bodies


”Schakt” is Swedish for the word for ”shaft”. The word shaft has more or less the same meaning in German and English. H.R. Giger has a series of images using the word ”Shaft” so I decided to use the Swedish word for it in a coming series of mine. The image below is from some sort of multi-multi-layer-photoshop playground that I just arranged like a triptych.



From top.

Image 1: Shaft 6 by Hand Rudi Giger.
Image 2: Schakt 1 by me, Daniel Johansson. The ”building” in it I actually built in an old 3D game engine. I compiled it and ran it in the game and took a lot of screen-dumps.
Image 3: Shaft 7 by Hand Rudi Giger.