inlagt av den 2016.01.16, under eget, foto, helt jävla sjukt, omsorg, text


been sitting here
a bar was better
and you forgot your phone

your photos
your almost
scary talent

haw by 16 horsepower
never heard in a bar in this town before

as a woman
it’s hard, you said
and I got scared when you said
that you had become immune after all shit

it’s like you accepted it. accepted the fucking bloated perverted fingers of men that in their rotten heads thinks that you are a piece of clay that they can beat and rape as much as they want.

in MY world, in my mind, in my caring Being there is no gender. it is you that gives me a gender. as one object there is no this and that. when there is two objects there are cracks.

I am not a man and I am not a woman. There is a truth. That I am Me.

I am Me. it is up to you to judge me.