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“This is your blind spot, blind spot/ It should be obvious, but it’s not.”

And that, ultimately, is the great preoccupation of one of our greatest poets of anxiety: a simple fear of the unknown. “People get crushed like biscuit crumbs,” he sings, and there’s nothing to be done about it. For all our human reason, we are unable to anticipate the things we really need to know.


Me (Daniel) writing:

When Albert Camus was writing about Martin Heidegger, Camus put some words to what he thought would catch Heideggers thinking. (I do not know if Heidegger himself had written or spoken about these words, but I have a feeling he had. He almost must have.)

The words were (first in English then in Swedish and then a strange translation to German).

The Constant Concern.
Det ständiga bekymret.
Die ständige Sorge.

Why do I write all this? Much of what I do with pen/camera/writing/blogging/and.other.shite comes from ”The Constant Concern”. It’s like entering the maze, kill the monster, pick up the thread but never ever find the way out.

Maybe Mr. Thom Yorke – his ZEITGEIST – Sensibility – causes pain, but causes creativity – SensibilityTheConstantConsern.
You will never ever in this world find a place that feels like home. Ah, ok, you never had that feeling. Well, then your probably blessed.


This is your blind spot, blind spot/ It should be obvious, but it’s not.