inlagt av den 2016.08.11, under snabbinlägg


out of sight is always out of mind
i think out of mind is out of sight
i was just looking for some peace of mind
i just couldn’t find a peace of mine

they say that pride comes just before a fall
i have fallen and I wasn’t sure
you know that I have fallen further before
i just cannot stand falling no more

if I am good I could add years to my life
i would rather add some life to my years

iife is really what you make it they say
i can’t even make my mind up today

Sincerely from me Daniel:

1. If I am good I could add years to my life.
2. I would rather add some life to my years.

My choice is number 2.

I will not sit down. Watch ads and reading tabloids and get scared eating something because it MAY cause cancer.
I Will Stand Up. Feeling life, feeling ones Being be free in an mysterious unexplained world. Yes.

The Clock I throw in the fountain.
I wrote for six hours. I could not know how long until I looked on the clock in the fountain. Freedom. Time-less-ness. Heidegger. What we have now is technical time. The clocks shows everywhere. To alter your state you have to deny them. Being-in-the-world is the most beautiful of Heideggers word experiments. Being-in-the-world is TOTAL absorption of what you are doing. Bake a cake. Care for a plant or a garden. You are the thing you are doing. If you are the thing you are doing, why watch the clock? In forgetfulness of CLOCK TIME – life becomes life!

One thing, think about this: how long has The Clock existed? It may be an error in human thought.