inlagt av den 2017.08.14, under snabbinlägg

Kafka once wrote:
(or was it I, I can’t remember:
always better to blame one of the big ones.)

A human being that is sick to it’s nature will in a modern society get all the help the person needs. But trust me now: If the years go by and the person don’t get better or get even worse – he or she will become hated. That is all I have to say. Remember these final words in the spiderwebs, with the crows screaming in the sky: It will hate itself and plunge itself into the abyss, or it if will rise because of their hate. That is the human nature. Bend down or go all the way up and later show it’s face for the haters. The revenge is completed. The destiny is like watching an ant and trying to say if it will go right or left the next time it moves. The trial is for all of us.